Anti-Virus Security

The IT Guys Business Anti-Virus Security

The IT Guys Endpoint Security allows administrators to protect workstations and servers from viruses and spyware. The IT Guys Endpoint Security is a full-featured security solution that is fully integrated with The IT Guys Services platform. From within the intuitive The IT Guys interface, administrators can deploy, configure and manage The IT Guys Endpoint Security service with ease.

The IT Guys Endpoint Security is backed by award winning Trend Micro technology. With over 40 million users, Trend Micro has worldwide recognition in the Anti-Virus market and plays an active role in the security software industry. In 2005 Trend Micro was accepted to the Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), an organization of software companies, academics and consumer groups working together to combat spyware and other malware threats.

The IT Guys Business Anti-Virus Security features include:

  • Virus Detection - The Scanning engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection of "in the wild" viruses, including the VB100% award. Its unique combination of detection methods provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans.
  • Unique Anti-Spyware Technology - Detects spyware, adware, DLL-Trojans, keyloggers, and much more. Malware hidden in data streams, archives, or the Windows registry is also detected.
  • Complete On-Access Protection - Provides maximum protection by scanning every file opened, executed, or saved. It also prevents the opening or executing of infected files.
  • Flexible intelligent Scanning - Is used to include/exclude files from being scanned based on individual file extensions and can handle exceptions for potentially unwanted programs such as adware.
  • Comprehensive E-mail Protection - Checks every e-mail sent or received, providing full protection from e-mail-borne threats. Supports Microsoft Outlook®.
  • Automatic Threat Handling - Automatically heals or removes infected files and other threats such as Trojans, worms and spyware.
  • Powerful Scheduling - Automatically provides recommended daily schedules for scanning and updating, and allows you to create custom-scheduled events.

The IT Guys Business Anti-Virus Security, is powerful and proven in The IT Guys Services application, provides essential security protection for entire networks. By incorporating reactive antivirus and spyware detection with the latest proactive technologies, The IT Guys are able to include effective protection against malicious programs ensuring not only anti-virus protection but protection from unknown threats.