Is information techonology working for Your Organization?

We've developed a comprehensive but simple approach to evaluate your organization's IT. We'll review all critical technology areas, evaluate against accepted best practices and provide you a roadmap to ensure that you can leverage your IT to help your business succeed.

We'll present you with a detailed Information Technology Assessment (ITA) report that will analyze the state of your current technology and identify areas needing improvement. We'll provide you with specific and detailed recommendations tailored to meet your business needs that are ranked in priority order.

What's Your Score?

We utilize a unique scoring system called the IT Guys Network Health Index that provides you a simple and easy to understand metric to measure each critical function and to provide you instant visibility into which IT areas are in good shape and which ones need improvement. The composite score of each section provides your own Network Health Index that can be measured year over year.

What We Look At

IT functional areas that we analyze include:

  • Technology Management -including planning, support and documentation
  • Network Topology -including design, cable plant and Internet connectivity
  • Network Security -including firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security
  • Server Infrastructure -including hardware, operating systems and storage
  • Network Services -including directory services, administrative policies, remote access and redundancy
  • Network Applications -including communication, collaboration and financial management
  • PC Fleet

What's Included

Each ITA is a unique and concentrated effort that includes:

  • On-site consultation
  • On-site data collection
  • Report preparation (including an executive summary with your specific Network Health Index, data analysis, best practices, recommendations and budgetary information.)
  • Presentation meeting