A New Way to Envision Computer Repair

Why handle your computer repair issues the "old way" with break/fix computer repair work and variable, unpredictable hourly rates that always leave you wondering what you just paid for? This reactive method of fixing computers is outdated and full of stress that ultimately will cost you more in lost time, lost productivity, and higher repair costs.

Your business deserves better than reactive break/fix computer repair

  • Businesses deserve computers that are well maintained and supported in a manner that keeps them from breaking in the first place.
  • Let The IT Guys repair your computer problems by providing you with a services that will notify you before a computer fails. The IT Guys will come in, clean up your environment and guarantee its successful and optimal operation and most of the time less than what you spend in terms of direct and indirect IT costs over the year.
  • Computers are meant to be a tool to further the business purpose of you and your users. They should never slow down your business, but rather make it more efficient. The IT Guys Preventive Services will allow your technology to start serving your business again.
  • Spend significantly less time fixing computers in the future because we keep systems updated and maintained. When a problem does occur your users can call our support team 24x7 for instant help.