Remote Desktop Control with The IT Guys

The IT Guys Remote Desktop Control is the ideal solution for Customers that need fast, reliable and secure remote access to their network, servers, workstations and laptops in the field.

Remote Desktop Control from The IT Guys works seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure, including computers using public access points, behind firewalls or a NAT-enabled gateway. Administrators may also remotely configure the client software - including passwords, notification method, screen mode and remote control level.

The IT Guys Remote Desktop Control features maximum security using 256-bit RC4 encryption for all sessions. All communications between the host and local connection is encrypted with 256-bit RC4 using a key that rolls at least once per day - No plain-text data packets pass over the Internet. This security extends to the included FTP tool with drag-and-drop file transfer capabilities between the host and client.

Remote Access to Any Computer from Anywhere

  • Administrators can access host computers from any Web browser
  • No additional infrastructure or IT resources are required

Save Time, Increase Productivity and ROI

  • Remote control software included
  • Provide remote training and troubleshooting
  • Improve helpdesk response time
  • Reduce travel by technicians

Easy and Fast Deployment

  • Up and running in minutes
  • Automatic and transparent installation of the remote control software
  • Easy administration of users and access policies

Transfer Files Between Local and Remote Computers

  • Access computers behind gateways (NAT) without port mapping
  • Simple Windows drag and drop interface

Firewall Friendly with Maximum Security

  • Web-based screen-sharing technology works with existing firewalls
  • No inbound ports to change or open
  • No configuration of IP addresses
  • No extra hardware or software to deploy
  • Access computers behind gateways (NAT) without port mapping
  • Built-in protection against man-in-the-middle attacks

Flexible Configuration and Control

  • Password protected
  • View only, user notification and video options
  • Configure on a per computer basis

Using only a Web browser, IT managers, Service Providers and end-users can quickly and securely access their computers from anywhere. With The IT Guys Services software, businesses have the tools, flexibility and information they need to be successful.