Patch Management

Patch Management with The IT Guys

Business owner and their IT stuff quickly realize how difficult it is to keep every machine up-to-date with the latest Microsoft software. The IT Guys Patch Management solves the problem by providing a secure, comprehensive and automated Patch Management solution to deploy Microsoft updates to any machine - regardless of location. Administrators can easily update dozens or hundreds of machines without visiting each desktop.

Administrators can completely automate the discovery, deployment and installation of Microsoft Windows updates without any end-user or administrator intervention. Alternatively, administrators may choose to review patch scan results and decide if, when and how each missing patch or update is applied. The IT Guys Patch Management includes detailed information from Microsoft about each update and also provides one-click access to the online Microsoft Support Knowledgebase and

The IT Guys Patch Management features customizable alerts when new updates are available or when a patch installation fails to execute properly. Easily schedule system updates on a pre-defined and recurring schedule for all of your managed systems and have confidence you will be the first to know if there is a problem.

Administrators may configure The IT Guys Patch Management to automatically launch a IT Guys script when a specific condition is met - such as when new updates are available or when a patch installation fails. This simple yet powerful option provides limitless possibilities for automating the reaction to new patch releases from Microsoft.

Most administrators don't have enough time to test every Microsoft update for each system. The IT Guys Patch Management solves the problem by providing the ability to remotely "rollback" individual updates on a specific machine or group of machines. Safely deploy new Microsoft updates while protecting your computers against problematic Microsoft updates.

The IT Guys Patch Management also allows administrators to take control of the Automatic Updates component of the Microsoft Windows® operating systems. Administrators may disable, enable or configure the Microsoft- Automatic Updates remotely using The IT Guys application.

Patch Management from The IT Guys also allows administrators to configure your managed systems to download Microsoft updates from The IT Guys Depot, the Microsoft website or from another The IT Guys Agent on the same network. Systems without Internet access may download the updates from any other machine located on the network without mapping drives, sharing folders or any other system modification. These flexible options help Administrators to minimize Internet bandwidth and increase the speed of deployment of Microsoft updates on large networks.

The IT Guys Patch Management is the ideal solution for organizations that are migrating to a Preventive Maintaining Services model. Patch Management from The IT Guys features:

Easy and Fast Deployment

  • Get your clients up and running in minutes
  • No additional software to install
  • Does not require any Patch Management servers or additional software
  • Ensures that all systems are protected regardless of location
  • Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans
  • Scheduled or ad-hoc Patch Management quickly determines which patches are required
  • Managed by computer, group or user-defined collections of computers
  • Scan an unlimited number of systems for installed and missing patches
  • Automate the tedious process of researching individual patches
  • Identifies patches that are already installed and the date installed
  • Monitor and maintain patch compliance for all of your computers

Automated Patch Deployment

  • Scheduled by time, computer, group or user-defined collections of computers
  • Simultaneous deployment for all required patches quickly brings systems up-to-date
  • Support for complete Roll-Back from within the administrator console
  • Easily deploy patches across multiple operating systems
  • Support for Windows 2003, 2000, NT, XP, 98, 95, Vista, Windows 7 and 2008
  • Configure single rollout strategy and apply to all computers

Flexible Configuration

  • Patch file location: Microsoft Windows Update website, The IT Guys network or local machine
  • Patch file parameters: The IT Guys Patch Management fully supports all switches and configurations
  • Flexible reboot actions and end-user notifications

Services Client Reports

  • Graphical Customer Reports with Drill-Down Capability
  • On Demand or Scheduled Reports
  • Easily configure reports for Email delivery
  • Export reports to HTML, Excel or Word