Taking Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to a Whole New Level!

Never again does your company have to suffer through extended down time or lost data because a critical server or workstation failed. When trouble strikes, you can be back up and running again in just minutes or easily recover any of their missing data, using the unique The IT Guys Backup Solution.

The IT Guys provides the proven technology infrastructure necessary for organizations like yours to deliver world-class IP-based business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Using The IT Guys Backup Solution capabilities, you can easily maintain local and remote image backups which allow restoration of the entire image or just the file or email you need to restore. Restoring a failed server or workstation in less than one minute to a virtualized environment on The IT Guys Backup Solution itself, allows you the time needed to repair the broken device as your company doesn't miss a step.

Combining The IT Guys Backup Solution backup technology and services with the best image and virtualization solutions in the business, all on a flexible quality hardware platform, results in an easy and affordable way to make certain your company is always working and not suffering because of failed hardware.

The IT Guys Backup Solution provide a wealth of features and benefits to satisfy almost any circumstances but only the most important ones are listed here.

Disaster Recovery

  • Local and Remote Bare Metal Image Support - The Backup Solution unit provides the best in Disaster Recovery by supporting both a local and remote complete image of servers and/or workstations.
  • Supports Multiple Servers -Each IT Guys Backup Solution can support multiple servers and workstations.
  • Unique Storage Technology - Utilizes The IT Guys Backup Solution unique silent data corruption protection to verify the integrity of all data stored in our data centers.
  • Secure - Supports a fully private encryption key suitable for requirements established by HIPAA, NASD, legal, etc.
  • Data Replication - Supports replication of important data from one IT Guys Backup Solution to another IT Guys Backup Solution in a different location.

Transparent Business Continuity

  • Instant Virtualization - Any server or workstation image stored on the Backup Solution can be restored and virtualized on the Backup Solution unit in less than the best one minute to provide transparent business continuity available for the end-users.
  • What Down Time? - No down time for your company while you make the necessary repairs because their servers and workstations are protected by The IT Guys Backup Solution.
  • Hardware Health Monitoring- Includes a complete monitoring and reporting solution to deliver status on temperature, performance, connectivity, disk space and much more to insure that your Backup Solution is ready for working correctly and ready for action. Includes notifications for out of range occurrences so you know ahead of time when trouble is brewing.


  • Quality Hardware and Latest Software - Modern Intel Nehalem processor platform with advanced burn-in quality assurance plus a complete 3 year warranty. RAID 1 storage plus all included software supports the latest versions for maximum performance and features.
  • Wide Range of Models - The IT Guys provides a wide range of IT Guys Backup Solution models to meet the needs of any business and any budget.
  • Field Upgradeable - Companies can use add-on packs to increase storage and memory for an already deployed IT Guys backup solution, if company needs grow more than anticipated.
  • Images, Files or Emails - The IT Guys Backup Solution provides instant access to entire images and easy access to individual files or specific emails from the images if that is all you need.
  • Flexibility to supply what your company needs.

Keep It Simple

  • Initial Seed Speed - Upload your initial image over the internet or send an encrypted USB preload - USB preloads are processed within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Smooth Sailing - Easy configuration and set up.
  • Partner Friendly - The IT Guys Backup Solution channel only distribution, U.S. based support and fully brandable (logo, emails, client software, etc.) approach make us a true partner.
  • One Source - The IT Guys delivers the best in cloud services for the channel including email filtering, The IT Guys Backup Solution.
  • One Box to Rule Them All - Our IT Guys backup solution supports local file and folder backups as well as complete image backups to our own co-location.

You're in Control of your Company's Future

When things go bad, who does you depend on? You're the one who needs to have the best solutions in place built from the best technology available. With The IT Guys backup solution you get the best Partner you've ever had using the most reliable solutions available delivered with the best support!