Secure Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

If your server suddenly crashed and you lost ALL your data, how long would it take before your business was back up and running normally? If you are not absolutely 100% certain in knowing the answer to this question, then I urge you to say "Yes" to our Disaster Recovery Audit.

Secure Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimize potential business downtime with The IT Guys Backup Solution and disaster recovery solution. We will back up all of your important data from computers and servers - locally and online.

Our backup technology implements an imaging solution in order to provide the quickest practical recovery solution. This imaging solution will take snapshots of your computers each day and allow us to "roll computers back" to a known-to-be-good state in the event of a crash, spyware infection or even moving users around. The servers are also backed up in this manner. In the event of a server failure, The IT Guys Backup Solution can restore the server back from an image or even create your server in a virtual environment - significantly reducing your downtime and lost productivity.

We also include The IT Guys Backup Solution online backup services to protect your data in the event of a facilities issue. All critical data is automatically backed up on to a secure, hosted server facility over the Internet to insure you have access to a backup of your data regardless of the type of event.

Never again spend time reloading a computer or installing Windows. Never worry about cleaning a virus or spyware. If one of these things should occur we use a standardized image to reload the computer - a process that can take as little as 20 minutes. Imagine having a computer fully loaded and fully-functional within 20 minutes.

The IT Guys Backup Solution can even remotely reboot and restore a computer from a backup without any user interaction. In the event of a computer crash, our The IT Guys Backup Solution can remotely network boot a computer and restore it back to a good image.

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