About The IT Guys

The IT Guys... We Author Success.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program provides zero-hassle, predictable-cost information technology and computer services support for small-to-midsized companies in California. With dedicated IT engineers, proven processes and a 100% no-hassle guarantee, our Preventive Maintenance Program simplifies information technology management for our clients. With over 35 years in business, The IT Guys is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

What our goals are

Our goal is to come in your busy workplace and get you back to work as soon as possible. We know that all of us these days we rely on technology and weither its your laptop, desktop, your server or even you mobile phone. We are here to help you get on your way and back to work. Yes technology can be difficult to deal with but our professional engineers are well trained to help you get through what ever may be trubling. Weare there when you need us most and we will work on any problem till it is fixed.

What you need to know

Computers are as good as the users that are using them. We can provide you with the informtion that you need to use the computer without having to deal with the problem of hiring a professional IT guy all the time, but keep in mind with all the threats that you and the computer face everyday can be complicated and we want to make sure it is not complicated to you. instead we handle the problems and keep you worry free. We can manage every detail that is important to your computer and possibly you if that is interesting to you, but all you want to know if you are in good hands. With the IT Guys you know you are!